Sunday, June 18, 2006

A tongue twister

Ехал Грека через реку,
Видит Грека- в реке рак
Сунул Грека руку в реку-
Рак за руку Грека- Цап!


Greka* went across the river,
Greka saw a fish in the river,
Greka put his hand in the river,
The fish went -- Snap!

*A diminutive of Грегорий (Gregory), I believe.

Today's word:
река - river


Blogger Recession Cone said...

Russian tongue twisters are awesome. Two little nitpicks with your translation:
1. I believe Грека is actually referring to a Greek person. (Гриша is the diminuative of Григорий that I've seen the most).
2. Рак is not a fish, but a crayfish or lobster. Hence the Цап!
Some more Russian Tongue Twisters

10:01 PM  

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