Saturday, May 13, 2006

Word order

Katya, you're wonderful for posting all of this stuff. Sorry I haven't commented on it or anything. I've been busy, a phrase which here means "playing sudoku and reading books."

I'm confused about Russian word order. I'm cool with conjugating verbs and gender of nouns and all that (finally), but I'm never quite sure where to put words in a sentence. For instance, in the phrase "they write Russian correctly," it would be written "они пишут по-русски правильно," right? The translation is just straight across, isn't it? But what about a sentence like "here one is not permitted to speak loudly"? The best I can come up with is "здесь нельзя говорят громко." Is that right? I never know where to stick the
здесь. Does it just go at the beginning? Can I stick it at the end and change the meaning to "it is not permitted to speak loudly here?" And what of the particle (?) не? I'm really confused as to where that goes in sentences.

Sorry to ask a million questions at once. This is what I get for not posting on here for so long.


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