Friday, June 09, 2006

Historical linguistics

I recently noticed how similar Latin and Russian verb endings are:

-o / -ю
-as / -ешь
-at / -ет
-amus / -ем
-atis / -ете
-ant / -ют

Sort of renews one's faith in Proto-Indo-European.

Today's word (picked for its length):
достопримегательность (f.) - place of interest (usu. pl.)


Blogger Recession Cone said...

This is probably one of my favorite things about Russian - even though at first it seems so strange and foreign, after you get used to it you start to see all sorts of connections to more familiar languages that we know and love.

One of my favorite достопримечательностей (notice the ч which forms the root of the word: меч) from my mission (Екатеринбургская) was the boundary between Europe and Asia. My least favorite was the site where Царь Николай II was killed.

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